Winter Giving You The Blues? Add Some Greens!


I’ve be adding faux greenery all over the house. Not only do they look great, but they just make any spare feel warmer, cozier . The best part? I can’t kill them! This chick definitely does not have a green thumb.  So, I’ve gathered my favorite greens to hopefully give you some inspiration to make your home make you happier!.

Garlands are wonderful! I’ve used one strand of garland to make a wreath by intertwining it through a wire wreath ring! you can lay a strand across a shelf, headboard, or fire place! They are extremely versatile. img_1249

Here are some garland options I love!

This is the eucalyptus garland pictured above, it can be found here.

Silver dollar eucalyptus is gorgeous, a moody deep green color that I am really loving lately! You can find this garland here.

Gray willow garland is a beautiful gray green color it can be found here.

Stems and sprays are great for vases or adding to a wreath you already have. I actually used 2 sprays on our headboard below.


Here are some great stem options.

Silver dollar eucalyptus are so beautiful I have ordered these & I can’t wait to incorporate it in to our home. These can be found here.

Eucalyptus sprays that would be perfect for smaller containers can be found here.

Lavender is gorgeous & perfect for adding a pop of color to your decor, you can find this bundle here.

The most fool proof way to add greenery to your home have to be potted plants, I even have them in my laundry room!! I can’t wait to share the transformation of our laundry room with you. 0b9f9e38-de6a-43c0-bd71-c5dafc219088

Succulents, who doesn’t love succulents? The fun colors, shapes & textures are so beautiful. The one below comes with a wooden planter box, it can be found here.Lavender, it just reminds me of spring! This small lavender plant comes in the wooden planter as well, it can be found here.

This set of 6 little potted plants are perfect for incorporating greenery through out the home, they can be found here.

I hope these tips inspire you to incorporate faux greenery into your home in some way. Id love to hear from you! What are your favorite plants you have in your home? do you prefer faux or real?

-Just Julie

5 thoughts on “Winter Giving You The Blues? Add Some Greens!

  1. I love faux greenery! I’ve got a black thumb with house plants 😬 eucalyptus is my favorite right now and I’m loving the ones you’ve added here 😁


  2. Nothing like greenery to trick my brain into thinking spring is near! 😉 It really does help brighten up the house though. I especially love it over your headboard!


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