Winter Giving You The Blues? Add Some Greens!


I’ve be adding faux greenery all over the house. Not only do they look great, but they just make any spare feel warmer, cozier . The best part? I can’t kill them! This chick definitely does not have a green thumb.  So, I’ve gathered my favorite greens to hopefully give you some inspiration to make your home make you happier!.

Garlands are wonderful! I’ve used one strand of garland to make a wreath by intertwining it through a wire wreath ring! you can lay a strand across a shelf, headboard, or fire place! They are extremely versatile. img_1249

Here are some garland options I love!

This is the eucalyptus garland pictured above, it can be found here.

Silver dollar eucalyptus is gorgeous, a moody deep green color that I am really loving lately! You can find this garland here.

Gray willow garland is a beautiful gray green color it can be found here.

Stems and sprays are great for vases or adding to a wreath you already have. I actually used 2 sprays on our headboard below.


Here are some great stem options.

Silver dollar eucalyptus are so beautiful I have ordered these & I can’t wait to incorporate it in to our home. These can be found here.

Eucalyptus sprays that would be perfect for smaller containers can be found here.

Lavender is gorgeous & perfect for adding a pop of color to your decor, you can find this bundle here.

The most fool proof way to add greenery to your home have to be potted plants, I even have them in my laundry room!! I can’t wait to share the transformation of our laundry room with you. 0b9f9e38-de6a-43c0-bd71-c5dafc219088

Succulents, who doesn’t love succulents? The fun colors, shapes & textures are so beautiful. The one below comes with a wooden planter box, it can be found here.Lavender, it just reminds me of spring! This small lavender plant comes in the wooden planter as well, it can be found here.

This set of 6 little potted plants are perfect for incorporating greenery through out the home, they can be found here.

I hope these tips inspire you to incorporate faux greenery into your home in some way. Id love to hear from you! What are your favorite plants you have in your home? do you prefer faux or real?

-Just Julie

Cozy Master Bedroom Refresh

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Our master bedroom was not what I dreamed it would be in my head when we were finally able to move in. After scouring Pinterest for hours on end, I still didn’t know what I really wanted it to look like. Originally our bedroom was painted Valspar Blue Arrow. The other 3 walls were painted Valspar Halcyon Blue. This is how it looked.

After living with the blue room for months, I finally decided I wanted our room to have a  cozy warm feel to it. So with the help of my Mama who was in town for the weekend, I decided to paint our bedroom! I chose a creamy white color from Sherwin Williams called White Flour. 2 days later the bedroom was all painted & let me tell ya, simply changing up the paint color alone was such a great improvement. The reason behind choosing white; any changes to bedding or decor meant our walls would never clash. The hardest thing to change in a space, such as a bedroom or living space in my opinion is wall paint. Once the walls were all painted the next step was finding a rug, curtains, & new bedding <kiddos got red on the old one, thanks guys!>

In total this make over was less than $400. Not only that, I’m thrilled to have made our master bedroom perfectly cozy & my favorite room of the house. I love the simplicity.

My next goal in our bedroom is finding something I really want hung above our headboard or deciding to leave it as is & appreciate the minimalism. Would you leave it as is or add something? I would love suggestions in comments below.

Here are some of the products I used for our bedroom makeover:

Window Treatments


Buffalo Check Accent Pillow

Barn Door Tracks


  • This particular throw is no longer on Amazon, however I do have this one too & I love it! Cable Knit Throw

The coverlet is from Walmart, searchable with Better Homes and Gardens Ruffle Coverlet. It had been out of stock for a while, but there are some sizes & color options listed now that are available.

*some links provided are affiliated links.

Kitchen Cabinet Update

Did you think chalk paint was the only fool-proof way to paint your cabinets & furniture? I know I did! Continue reading for my full review of Sherwin Willams Showcase paint, & why I chose to use it instead of chalk paint.


Our kitchen cabinets didn’t match after the renovations on our barn/home were complete. The sink base cabinet was an unfinished, one of the cheap ones. The doors made to look similar to our other cabinets, but it was an unfinished cabinet, painting was a necessity.

Ohhh those floors , I should mention that our home is a barn (a post in the works for the future). Thats how the name littlebarnlittlefarm was born. Tap here- @littlebarnlittlefarm to see some renovation, transformation & home decor photos.

I had a turquoise blue Valspar chalk paint on hand left over from painting a dresser for my daughter’s room. Naturally I decided that would be the color to use on our cabinets, because it’s my favorite color. I cleaned the cabinets with soap and water, making sure there wasn’t any thing stuck on that would show under the paint. After 3 coats of chalk paint and 3 coats of polycrylic (FYI don’t use polyurethane over paint. It will yellow). This project took me about 5 days to complete. I am lucky we only have lower cabinets! The cabinets turned out nice, with only a few mistakes where I hadn’t noticed the paint was drippy in a couple of spots, but it wasn’t too noticable.

While I didn’t dislike the color, it just didn’t match the look and feel of our kitchen with the rustic shelving.

So I went to Lowe’s in Hopkinsville, Kentucky with the intentions of buying chalk paint. I spoke with Joanna at the paint department. I told her I wanted the color Retreat, by Sherwin Williams. I asked if she could do a color-match with the Valspar chalk paint. She said that chalk paint only comes in certain colors, then asked me if I had ever tried Sherwin Williams Showcase. I had never even heard of it. So of course I played 21 questions, because chalk paint was the only thing I had heard of that was able to be used with minimal prep work. She told me that I wouldn’t need to prime, that its one-coat coverage, & that many people have been using it on cabinets. Sold, Sold, & Sold. It gets better though, one quart of this Showcase paint is significantly cheaper than chalk paint, say what?! Yes almost half the cost!! I knew I would only need a quart, but she also informed me that buying one gallon is like buy 3 get 1 free of the quart size so honestly the value of buying a larger quantity of paint, for those of you that have a lot of cabinets, is totally there compared to chalk paint. I chose an eggshell finish, because I prefer the matte look. I bought a little foam roller brush that came with a rolling tray, that cost about $3 and an angled brush. I went to town that night I made sure I wiped off any dirty spots I could & just started painting. Can I just say enthusiastically, I got my cabinets painted in one night!!! They looked amazing!!!

*Grocery Sign can be found here- @violetraedesigns she is offering 10% off the purchase of one of her signs with the code “Julie10” just send her a DM.


I wanted to add that Joanna also mentioned I shouldn’t need to sand before using the paint & that its durable enough that shouldn’t need to use any polycrylic, but could use if I wanted to or felt it was necessary! Obviously polycrylic is going to make the paint stronger, but I like change and I like saving time so I left them with just their one coat of paint, after two months, I’ve not had any issues cleaning spills.

This post is not sponsored by Lowe’s, Sherwin Williams, or Joanna.

Let me know if you’ve tried using the Sherwin Willams Showcase paint in your home! Also if you have any questions at all about my open shelving let me know. I have had so much fun going through & working to get to the point of complete satisfaction with how it looks, its only taken me a full year to do it.

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— Just Julie


Cleaning…. I’ll just be honest & tell you I can think of a couple things I enjoy more than cleaning, but I will be the first to admit that having a clean home just feels good.  Tonight I’m going to share with you some products that have made cleaning much more efficient for me! Oddly enough these products are somewhat satisfying to use! My top 4 favorite, tried and true products are going to help you get sparkling clean results, faster!

I shared this mop with you on instagram today, so I wanted to do a more in depth review here! This mop from Gladwell on is truly is amazing! My step mom cleaned houses professionally for over 30 years, even she was highly impressed & is ordering herself one. It comes with 2 washable pads for mopping, 2 microfiber pads for waxing, & a charger…. yessss honey, no cord restricting me while twirling around the house pretending I am Cinderella. The mop head is a dual spinning so those sticky spots come up with ease! Also the water for mopping comes from a refillable reservoir, you press a button on the handle to spray as much or as little water as you need to clean up your floors. Use the code LITTLEBARN40 checking out on amazon, you’ll receive 40% off the purchase of your mop! (Valid 11/29-12/5/18) Gladwell also has a satisfaction guarantee.

< Little ladder Amy . Farm Fresh metal cutout from Jen, Pumpkin Pie sign from Ashely! Tap their name to check out their Instagram!>

Have you spent time mopping your floors & felt they just looked dull? Well this next product I’m sharing is a Game Changer… Meet Rejuvenate! They have a full line of floor care products, I personally have only tried the Shine-It Floor Polish. Safe to use on Hardwood, Laminate, & Tile… I think its safe to include Concrete floors to that list, its doing wonders on my floors!

Swiffer Sweeper Dry Heavy Duty… Y’all these are a dust and pet hair picker upper game changer! Say that 10 times fast, I’ll wait…. I have always loved Swiffer Dry, but this Heavy Duty version definitely delivers when it comes to picking up 2x more. You can find the mop pads here –  Swiffer Dry Heavy Duty  – this link includes 2 packs of 20 for less than $16!

Who struggles with making their ceramic stovetop shine? I know I always had trouble until I found Cerama Bryte. I’ve shared this product in action in my stories on Instagram & usually receive many direct messages asking “What is that?”. Cerama Bryte comes in two sizes, I would definitely recommend the larger size because of the excellent value. Included in this option is 28oz. ceramic cooktop cleaner, a scraper, 10 cleaning pads, & 2oz. burnt on grease remover all for under $18! If you want to try it out before buy a larger amount, they also offer a smaller version, which includes 10 oz. ceramic cooktop cleaner, one scraper, & one cleaning pad for just over $10.

Have you tried any of these products? I would love to hear about your favorite products that make life a little bit easier I would love to try them, let me know in the comments. I’ve included affiliated links above for easy access to all of these products, but this post is not sponsored in anyway, these are my honest reviews!


It’s Just Julie

Hey, welcome to my newest adventure… I am so glad you’re here! My name is Julie, I bet you knew that by now. I am the chick behind @littlebarnlittlefarm on Instagram. I decided “It’s Just Julie” was the most fitting name for my blog, but why? Well that’s because my response is always the same when anyone calls me Julia. Plus who knows if we will live in a little barn forever, so I wanted my blog to be a little more personal.

About me… well I’m a 29 (again) mom of 2 babes. I have an incredibly hard working husband. We have a Basset Hound, Wylie, that likes to get into all sorts of mischief that you’ll get to see and hear all sorts of stories about.

My little family & I recently moved to a tiny town in Western Kentucky. We fell in love with the beautiful land, the friendly people, & all of the outdoor activities this area has to offer. We chose Crittenden County after visits to my Dad & Step Mom, Laurie’s. This area just felt like the place we wanted to raise our kids. In May 2017 we found a modest 1500 sqft pole barn for sale with 17 acres. It became ours in August 2017. The renovations were complete in December that same year. I then started blogging about our home with a home decor focus more heavily at the end of July 2018. If you’ve found my blog from Instagram thank you so much for taking the time to come see me here!

Anyway, a few more things about me. If there’s not an alarm set or a note on my hand, I will probably forget it. If my glasses aren’t on my face or my head, I’ve probably lost them. Some times I wear a bunch of make-up & pretend I am elite MUA, skilled at contouring. Sometimes I don’t wear any make-up at all…. it’s called balance. I failed my writing proficiency tests in high school 3 times, so bare with me… What do you mean you don’t put a comma after every breath you take when saying a sentence? I literally asked my college professor this question. If you’ve noticed this struggle since you’ve been here, sorry. I was an LPN for 8 years before becoming a stay at home mom. I’m so thankful I am able to be home and raise my children and I owe all the thanks to my husband.

So, what you can expect to find here? You know, besides misplaced commas… I plan on sharing home decor deals, cleaning tips that I find helpful to me, recipes, mom life, & style, you name it. The sky is the limit girlfriend!

My favorite quote that has been on my heart & has been giving me the drive to share my home & life on social media is, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. With all that being said, Here is to the next adventure!

I encourage you to share your favorite motivational quote with me in the comments, or let me know you’ve stopped by.